In Focus


Alfa Romeo 149 - Alfa is rumored to bring this beautiful midsized hatch into production in the coming years.

Lamborghini Estoque - a four door Lamborghini supercar concept debuted at the Paris Motor Show 2008.

Renault Laguna Coupe (2008) - the French family car is now also available as a head-turner coupe.

Ferrari GT California - Ferrari announced its new entry level model, the California. Technical details and photos were also revealed. This hot convertible tourer is expected to win over many Californians and would-be-Californians around the globe.


Alfa Romeo GTV 6 - although more than 20 years have passed since the end of its production, the GTV6 is 'the' Alfa for many enthusiasts. Rear wheel drive, respectable performance and and a non-prohibitive price tag - these are the characteristics that can make dreams come true.

Triumph TR7 - the TR7 has a special place in many British car enthusiasts' heart. It does not come in an outright beautiful shape, nor is its performance uncombatable - but TR7 is still very desirably different from most cars on the street.


Trabant 601 - The iconic two stroker from the Communist era

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